Monday, June 26, 2017


Planting an Old Flag in Newly Conquered Territory...a Follow-up to Previous Observations

The end of the American Republic is in our midst and it isn't because a rookie politician decided to enforce the country's borders or stimulate the free economy by trying to make the state less of a burden in our lives.

In past posts, I've noted a basic theory I have on current events unfolding in the United States. In summary, "progressivism" and all its permutations of statist ideology have moved steadily toward their goal of "transforming" and ultimately taking control of the United States and its citizens -- the "grand prize" in the lefts hopes to dominate the course of human existence. Some have come to similar conclusions but most observers simply see a contemporary "polarization" that can be remedied by "more dialog" or "lowering the temperature."

For over a hundred years the momentum in the U.S. has been directed to the elimination of a free constitutional republic that affords a maximum amount of freedom to autonomous citizens. Over time, the political pendulum moved back and fourth but the ultimate course, as Jefferson had expected, was for government to encroach upon the freedom of individuals. The last hundred years has brought fourth a million and one embellishments and permutations of the Marxist creed of envy and all of them have been marshaled to "progressive" end goals.

While the left and many of its associates in the establishment media chastise Republicans as racists and neo-fascists the reality is that most Republicans are no different than they've been for decades. Their core beliefs still center around concern for security and defense, disciplined fiscal management, and in many cases traditional cultural/social values. Nothing that really conjures images of jackboots. But, in the lefts fantasy world, defense is genocide, a sober budget is oppressing the poor, and not approving of the latest outlandish fad in personal lifestyle choice is a dark night fascism (okay, maybe Hitler would have opposed transgender bathrooms). Meanwhile, the progressives, imagining themselves to be a new center, have drifted off the chart.

At the core of all recent developments is not, as so many pundits would have us believe, a polarization of discourse. The right in America hasn't moved to any "pole" at all beyond wanting to maintain practical sanity in economic, social, and international affairs. The mainstream left (and America's left-center Party, the Democrats) have gone from a mere favoring of "butter" over "guns" a few decades ago, to full fledged revolutionaries bent on the complete "transformation" (destruction) of the American republic. While this might conjure an image of two sides becoming more extreme and "polarizing" the reality is far simpler. The socialist authoritarian caste has successfully seized control of a major American political party and come to steer the minds of a generation. The left's polarization is not against Republicans or conservatives, it's to America itself, its traditional ideals, and culture.

The Obama administration was a critical juncture in the subversive transition from a constitutional republic to a socialist bureau-State. Between Obama's enrichment of state authority and the actions of cultural institutions in America -- education, media, entertainment, and even business and the sciences -- the pendulum has been effectively yanked from its post. The left in all its forms simply will not allow any movement back from what they have steered the country towards. They've almost reached the finish line and they smell victory. Trump was not supposed to happen. Even Jeb Bush would have been an acceptable temporary illusional pendulum swing as the state (and, what some are now calling "the deep state") continued its consolidation of power. Those citizens who still believed in America as an exceptional land where people could extricate themselves from the tentacles of the oppressive bureau-state were not supposed to have the influence and steam left in them to win back the essential ingredients of self government. As I've noted before, THE [American] GOVERNMENT WANTS ITS COUNTRY BACK and there are plenty of fellow citizens willing to carry the torch to such victory. Some may be compassionate naive and some may be power-hungry and arrogant (some just want an excuse to smash cars and windows and burn buildings) but they all want to see the exceptional America of Enlightenment foundations to fall so that it may be replaced by the "rule of men" -- their men...and, occasionally, women. Wanting to place a hollow shell of America into a Global system is just a side scheme. The primary goal has always been to eliminate the unique values afforded American citizens by its constitution. Control freaks the world over find it unbearable that the most powerful and influential country in the world is a place where citizens can operate relatively free from...them. There are many ways to gain power. Socialisms main sentiment has always been mere theft -- seizure of power. Socialists don't produce anything (!).

Lots of country's have constitutions. Some of them even "guarantee" the same basic freedoms that Americans have. In spite of their "guarantees," some of these countries are no more than garden variety dictatorships. What has made American society work and become the catalyst that it is to prosperity and creative dynamism, is not simply a very well-thought out constitution but a fairly consistent tendency for most to actually adhere to its principles. Though the country often failed to fully live up to the standards so clearly outlined it was usually obvious when a breach of contract was occurring and men of honor sought to remedy the failing, often at great cost or sacrifice.

It is only in very recent times that the founding document itself is being called into question or people ("progressives" of course) are knowingly stretching its meaning to mean whatever they want it to mean -- again, the rule of men and women.

It was revealing to watch Democrats question Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch during confirmation hearings. Very few questions sought to judge the candidates skills and knowledge in upholding the country's founding document. Many questions ultimately sought to ensure that Gorsuch would reach decisions in line with current leftist thought regardless of how it may align with the constitution. The left only has use for a constitution that will justify the whims of their moment. The "rule of men" can change its mind in a heartbeat and certainly doesn't want some honorable and consistent standard getting in its way.

Within the scope of history, there is nothing new about what is now occurring in America. Great nations and cultures both good and evil reach an expiration period. What's ultimately tragic is that, as the end nears, a sizable part of the population still seeks the stability and success of tradition but their reward for common sense will be to suffer just the same as the socialist rabble that has sought national suicide for over a century. The only poetic justice likely to occur will be that the weasels and lemmings will probably be the first to see their living standards plummet...and, in a more extreme scenario, family members arrested.


After having written all the preceding I have to note the very real possibility that I could be wrong. With all the venom conjured from leftland in recent years and all the success they've had in directing the thoughts of millions, there is still a good part of the population that will never bend to the collectivists siren call. Even with the globalist/socialist scheme holding so many levers of power, it is entirely possible that, in the U.S. they've taken on more than they can chew.


It's entirely possible that progressives overplaying their card will result in a substantial backlash. This has been seen, to a degree, in recent special elections, where the left has flooded the progressive candidate with money and support and still came out losing. Between ridiculous over-hyping of Trump's supposed impeachable offenses (non-offenses) and the bizarre authoritarian uprisings on college campuses, sane people have about had it with the socialism of our time. It doesn't help that the left has failed to make the case for their fervent belief that lots of unvetted people should be let into the country and if a few of them commit violent crimes, well, that's the price you've got to pay to benefit from "diversity" -- laughable.

In the end, the century long slow creep of socialist subversion will probably pay off -- to them -- with another great civilization disposed of on the dung heap of discarded greatness or a very violent struggle will ensue between the Jacobin hoard and the traditionalists who think its preferable to live in a stable, prosperous, and dynamic society where individuals guide their own ship of state.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


The Coup

Immediately after Donald Trump was elected it became a cliche' standard among the leftist rabble to proclaim that America was experiencing a "coup." "The election was stolen" supposedly. Of course, to objective and honest observers this was nonsense. The Democrat's candidate sucked and failed to hold much allure even to members of her own party. She was corrupt to the core, self-righteous, and cocky, brushing off any criticism with the usual worn out lectures about racism, sexism, and "vast right wing conspiracies." With the Republican candidate winning, the electoral college was then called into question since it didn't get the same outcome that the popular vote would have if we allowed The People's Republics of California and New York to decide our elections.

"A coup" supposedly took place by a free and open election. Ironically, a genuine coup is occurring now by the unelected power players who seek to undo the election's outcome. From the moment he was elected, establishment tentacles have sought to remove Trump from the presidency by any means necessary. To be sure, the Trump style makes their attempts easier. Crude, brash, unpredictable, and..."he tweets too much." Okay, I think everyone gets that but, anyone seeking to conjure a real, legitimate reason to remove Trump from office is going to come up short. The "Russian collusion" scam is laughable. Many in the Democrats' party had been openly sympathetic to Russia during most of the 20th century -- as long as it was communist. The same went for any of Russia's communist spawn. Now, Democrats are all-of-a-sudden concerned about national security issues. Go figure.

The left is grasping for straws but their determination is steadfast. They want Trump gone to the point of conjuring bizarre fantasies of beheading or Caesar style assassinations (the Shakespeare "interpretation" in NewYork).

I've listed before the institutions that harbor or control so much of the left-wing opposition today but they bare repeating: The establishment media, academia, public education, entertainment, "artists" (self-proclaimed and actual), the bureaucracy, and the "deep state" intelligence apparatus. All of these very powerful entrenched forces stand poised together to seek the removal of a legitimately elected president who seeks no more than the return of economic vigor to a sclerotic economy, fair dealings to Americans by other nations, the reining in of an overbearing bureaucracy that has strangled common citizens with burdensome rules and edicts and, the hottest button issue; reestablishing the country's border security to keep out those who may do our citizens harm or who don't much care for our society to begin with. These are the terrible "fascist" things that have aroused the Jacobin caste to passionate intensity.

In spite of Trumps flamboyant and brash style, I have no doubt that the left's response would be similar if Ted Cruz had won. Maybe not so much with Jeb Bush since he was just another establishment clone who would steer the country toward a globalist future. He would have talked the talk of a moderate conservative, but his walk would have been in the same direction as Hillary Clinton.

Any genuine limited-government, low regulation, conservative that put "America First" would be targeted for defeat as much as Trump is, with perhaps less bizarre embellishment (mock beheadings). Who could have ever imagined that the concept of acting first in America's interest would actually be a debatable point of contention. To be sure, if another conservative had won, the late night comedians would still be doing their obsessive one topic newscasts disguised as comedy -- as they had done with Bush 43. The intensity of their hate would perhaps be less because they would know that, in the next election, they'd easily be right back on track to ushering in a global progressive utopia to finally set the little people strait and establish the left's divine right to rule.

The big game changer in all this was Barack Obama, a virtual nobody with communist mentors and tempered revolutionary zeal. Obama normalized radicalism. Like the people who claim Swedish and Danish welfare programs are the true face of "socialism," Obama was able to feed as much power as possible into a corrupt regulatory monster in the guise of simply continuing some New Deal and Great Society programs. While socialist creep was nudged along with stealth precision, the goal was always "fundamentally transforming America."

While Hillary Clinton lacked the dignified charm of Obama, she was expected to easily put the finishing touches on the progressive agenda. After going back. A million potential Democrat voters would be made citizens and the one-party state would begin its work melding a deliberately weakened America into the global "system."

All these precious expectations and along comes Trump. In spite of a gruff and unpredictable manner, he could literally end a century-long project of transforming the U.S. -- and the left knows it. The fact that agencies of state and the bureau-clones that inhabit them are on the same page as the power-brokers and cultural elites definitely makes Trump's mission difficult.

Outright assassination at this point would be hard for the "deep state" to pull off, though I'm sure the idea has been bounced around by some -- as it is regularly on social media and among members of the pampered socialist yuppie cult (suppies?).

So, now, what to do? Amazingly, they've got their "independent" investigator, who happens to be a close friend and mentor to the former F.B.I. director. To assist in the "impartial" investigation, Clintonistas and Democomm donors. This scenario couldn't even be pulled off as fiction. This is all the same cabal that let it slide when the spouse of the subject of an investigation (Hillary Clinton) met with the Attorney General. Does any sane person think that some of these same players are going to let Trump off the hook for whatever concocted "crime" they can conjure? With an "expanded investigation" they'll o doubt find something somewhere to accomplish the common goal -- rid the world of the one real obstacle to Jacobin rule.

The left's current sanctimonious tirades, threats of violence, and actual violence is still constrained by the normative power of a country's history that, in the end, wouldn't take well to attempted coups. Most Americans don't care about such things as using the latest pronouns for a limited niche lifestyle or silencing a campus speaker who believes Islamic terrorism is a legitimate concern. Ultimately, the left in America today is thinking and behaving as they have everywhere throughout history. The rabid true believers are probably no more than 20% of the public at most, but they carry along with them another 20% of the easily swayed (the audiences of late night comedy and variety shows). With that mix are probably 5% who think that progressives are merely "Democrats" who "care about the poor." All on all, half the population, either fervent or easily swayed by eight years of slick Saul Alinsky technique are now in some manner supportive of the left-wing industrial complex.

The next presidential election will be an amazing thing to watch. I have a feeling Trump will not be the Republican candidate. Pence could very well be. The Democrats and the entire spectrum of socialism will simply not allow a Republican/conservative win in spite of what the electorate chooses. The full force of leftism will be brought to bare on the outcome. The end result, either a virtually installed leftist or cities in flames over another loss. Ultimately, they will get their way.

It will be called a "revolution" but like most leftist "revolutions" in history, it will in fact be a coup d' etat -- the seizure of power by those who cannot allow freedom and happiness among fellow citizens.

Imagine a world without America.

..."the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity."

Sunday, June 11, 2017


"Down with the Man"...and, please Support, The Man

The true values of the left are becoming clearer for everyone to see. After decades of them faking the role of independent thinking rebels, a guy (Trump) has come along who is despised by all the major powerful establishment institutions in the country and the world -- journalism, education, entertainment, big corporations, silicon valley, the CIA and NSA, etc.

And, who do the pampered "rebels" side with? ...'Very revealing.

Real rebels don't love "Big Brother" and certainly don't march lockstep with everything they are told to think by the biggest power players of our time.


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